Flax Sleep partners with award-winning creative designer, Jackie Kai Ellis, to bring you Cuisine: A brand new line of European linens inspired by the Parisian table and lifestyle

Flax Sleep, the Canadian and women-led business specializing in linen bedding and home essentials, is excited to be partnering with creative design director and bestselling author Jackie Kai Ellis to bring you a brand new line of European linens: Cuisine. This limited edition collection of luxurious and sustainable linens is inspired by the Parisian table and lifestyle. Comprising of easy yet elegant cocktail napkins, oversized dinner napkins, oversized dish towels, aprons, and market bags, all Cuisine pieces are available in several sophisticated colour-ways. Whether you’re entertaining friends, toasting a special occasion, or putting together a quick solo lunch between meetings, the new Cuisine collection creates beauty in everyday moments. 

Cuisine combines Flax Sleep’s affinity for high quality linen with Jackie Kai Ellis’s philosophy of creating meaningful and enduring beauty in the details of the everyday. Together, Flax Sleep and Jackie have created luxurious and practical linen pieces with the belief that design should make our lives better, not more complicated. The line is inspired by Parisian style, and in particular, APT La Fayette— a stunning Parisian apartment designed by Jackie, now evolved into a design and lifestyle consultancy— where she has hosted many long lazy luncheons and apéro gatherings. Every feature of the Cuisine collection is meticulously designed, from how the weight of the linen feels in your lap to the way the dish towels conveniently tie to the apron and double as oven mitts. By ensuring that every small detail is just right, Cuisine helps us pause, admire, and make space for beauty in our day-to-day.


Jackie Kai Ellis was first introduced to the women behind Flax Sleep— Vivian, Anna and Oana— during the first months after Flax Sleep launched. While initially it was their beautiful linens that drew Jackie in, it was also the vibrant and intensely intelligent group of women behind the company that left an impression on her. Having an extensive background in design herself, Jackie couldn't help but reach out to suggest a collaboration. 

Jackie Kai Ellis is a renowned creative designer, the founder of an award-winning bakery, and a lifestyle journalist. As her most recent project, she launched APT La Fayette, a design and lifestyle consultancy that began with the creation of a Parisian apartment space that has since been featured on the covers of House & Home and Real Living Magazine. She dreamt of designing inspiring objects around the lifestyle of entertaining and the kitchen, and after many sleep-filled nights her in Flax linens, she knew she wanted to collaborate with the women behind Flax Sleep. Many months later, they are proud to be launching an incredibly special collection: Cuisine. 

All Cuisine pieces are made from pre-washed linen manufactured in Lithuania, and are machine washable and compatible with your dryer for practical use and cleaning. 

Check out the entire collection below!


These small hand napkins were created for cocktail parties and apéro get-togethers, but can also be used as washable coasters or small napkins to accompany a snack, tea, or dessert. The napkin has curved corners and a stitched edge. It folds neatly in quarters into the shape of a fan, or can be unfolded for a more traditional size. The button hole can also be attached to baby shirts for an impromptu bib, and the napkin can be folded and threaded through the buttonhole to create a rustic wrapping for a snack or gift.

Colour-ways: Rose with Stone trim, Stone with Crisp White trim, Crisp White with Midnight Green trim


This oversized napkin is inspired by the draping linens found at fine-dining restaurants, holding a luxurious weight on the lap. The buttonhole detail is reminiscent of old napkins meant to protect a shirtfront in traditional restaurants. The napkins can be rolled and an edge threaded back through the buttonhole for a rustic table-setting. They can also be pressed and used as placemats or used to wrap fruits and vegetables for picnics.

Colour-ways: Rose wth Stone trim, Stone with Crisp White trim, Crisp White with Midnight Green trim



These dishtowels are long enough to be used as an oven mitt while tied to the apron with it's unique canvas-coloured ties. The ties easily attach onto the handles of ovens or hang on hooks, and can also be used to secure the dishtowel in a roll when stowing away in the cupboard or linen closet.

Colour-ways: Rose wth Stone trim, Stone with Crisp White trim, Crisp White with Midnight Green trim, all with canvas ties



This apron is inspired by Jackie's time at pastry school in Paris, where half aprons were the custom. To this day, it remains her preference in both home and commercial kitchens. This half apron is much less fussy, and seems, from photos, to have been the preference for Julia Child…who always knows best.

The Chef's Apron has coloured stitching detail for the pocket, which can hold a thermometer, or more likely, a phone. The button hole detail can be used to thread in the ties of the dish towel, securing it for cooking.

Colour-ways: Rose wth Stone trim, Stone with Crisp White trim, Crisp White with Midnight Green trim, all with canvas grosgrain ties


This demi version of the longer chef's apron is an option for lighter tasks that don't require a full apron. It's made especially for entertaining so it can be thrown on while making cocktails for guests, refilling a charcuterie board or drizzling finishing sauces, while still being petite enough not to mask your outfit.

Colour-ways: Rose wth Stone trim, Stone with Crisp White trim, Crisp White with Midnight Green trim, all with canvas grosgrain ties




Inspired by the classic fan-shaped market baskets of Provence, this market bag retains the same practical shape. However, due to its more flexible linen material, it holds a much larger volume, and opens up to easily access items at the base. Like the Provencal market baskets, it has a longer strap for the shoulder and shorter strap for hand carrying.

There is a key and wallet pouch on the inside, and to keep contents perfectly organized, there are also buttons to attach four market bag inserts. The inserts can replace produce bags keeping fragile herbs from fruits leaving room for larger items at the base or a baguette to slip between. 

Colour-ways: Midnight Green with canvas straps, Rose with canvas handles and details



Inspired by the paper bags that vendors use to package your produce at the farmers markets in Paris, these gusseted linen bags have a drawstring closure that can be used as re-usable produce bags, to carry loaves of bread, or even bags to store away onions and cellared goods.

These market bag inserts were designed to button into the market bag as produce bags to add extra organization. Or if used as a day or travel bag, they keep cords and chargers organized while gym clothes or travel essentials lay in the centre.

Colour-ways: Stone with Crisp White trim and Crisp White with Midnight Green trim, all with canvas ties



About Flax Sleep: Originally in the fields of law and hospitality, these passionate businesswomen made the switch to entrepreneurship in the fall of 2017 with the foundation of Flax Sleep. The minds behind this business are Anna Heyd, Oana Papuc and Vivian McCormick, three friends who came together to share their appreciation of beautiful things, ethical business practice and fantastic sleeps. These women saw a gap in the Canadian marketplace when it came to buying simple bedding online at accessible prices, and felt inspired to fill that void.

Their journey began with a trip to Shenzhen in search of the most affordable yet high quality linen bedding to provide for Canadian customers. After much searching and weighing of various sourcing/manufacturing options, Flax Sleep discovered a factory with over two decades of linen manufacturing experience and a beautiful partnership was born. They immediately knew that they wanted to partner with them due of the exceptionally high quality of their products. Their bedding starts with 100% flax, which is then milled into the softest linen yarn, then woven into fabric and sewn into the most beautiful linen sheets.  Flax Sleep's products include a wide variety of bedding options that are available in sets or as separates.  Their bedding also comes formatted in baby size.  Furthermore, Flax Sleep provides linen robes (you'll feel like you never left you bed!) and home goods such as tea towels.

Flax Sleep chose to focus exclusively on linen bedding instead of the more traditional cotton for a number of reasons. Linen sleeps cooler (but is still real cozy), uses less water in the milling process, and lasts much longer than cotton. But when it comes right down to it, Flax Sleep just loves the way linen looks and feels: rustic and lived in, but timeless and elegant at the same time – kind of like your bedroom rolled right out of an issue of Kinfolk. For more reasons why #linenisbetter, check out our why linen page.

Flax Sleep is a small, independent, female-founded Canadian team. And in addition to offering you luxurious linen bedding, they also believe in providing #ASafePlacetoSleep to women and children in need. That’s why they donate part of their proceeds (and all returned goods) to Atira Women's Resource Society to reduce waste and give back to our community.




About Jackie Kai Ellis: After studying fine arts and design in Toronto and Vancouver, Jackie Kai Ellis went on to a career as a creative design director, co-owning a design firm specializing in strategic branding programs. After 9 years in the industry, she went to Paris to pursue her passion for pastry, studying at École Gastronomique Bellouet Conseil. Shortly thereafter, she founded the award-winning patisserie, Beaucoup Bakery & Café in Vancouver— featured in countless high-profile publications and media, including Bon Appétit Magazine. Jackie also started The Paris Tours, leading food tours of the best patisseries in Paris, which was featured in Vogue.com amongst other national publications. Since expanding into lifestyle journalism, writing articles that curated inspiring food, design and travel experiences, she has also launched a best-selling memoir titled The Measure of My Powers in both French and English.

Jackie has been a critic, guest and judge on stages such as Iron Chef Canada, Feast Portland and Canada’s Top 100 Restaurants. As a leader in fashion and lifestyle, she has partnered with brands such as Nordstrom, Four Seasons, Whole Foods, Toronto Fashion Week sponsored by Kim Crawford Wines as well as being featured in publications such as FASHION, House & Home, ELLE, and the Globe & Mail as one of Canada’s best dressed in 2018.

Jackie then focused her design skills on a personal project, renovating her Paris apartment— APT La Fayette— which has been featured on the cover of House & Home Magazine and Real Living Magazine, on ArchitecturalDigest.com, Curbed.com, Hello Blogzine and other international publications. With her apartment as a backdrop and inspiration, she has styled for such clients as Télérama France, luxury wine labels, and Flax Sleep.

APT La Fayette has since evolved into a design and lifestyle consultancy, with www.aptlafayette.com serving as an online platform for sharing inspiration and ideas for creating meaningful and enduring beauty in the details of the everyday— a philosophy that Jackie lives by.

Jackie currently resides in Paris.

Photo credit: Joe Chan


For editorial pulls, high-resolution shots, interviews, or any related media inquiries for Flax Sleep, contact: Michelle Calvert, 416.640.5675, 323.348.6412 or email michelle@lucidcommunications.ca




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