This holiday season, unwind with Xicama's gut-friendly Jicama-based cocktails

Go with your gut this holiday season, and enjoy the world's first Jicama-based functional cocktail, Xicamix (Hee-kah-mix), created by L.A.'s newest superfood brand, Xicama™. Available in three refreshing flavours— Spicy Watermelon, Coconut Pineapple, and Cucumber Ginger—Xicamix will have you feeling like you're on vacation, even in the dead of winter. Xicamix can either be mixed with your favorite spirits, or simply served with sparkling water on ice. 

Having recently launched - and sold out - at Coachella this year in collaboration with Bar Lab/Broken Shaker, Xicamix cocktail mixes have gained tremendous popularity. The star ingredient of Xicamix, Jicama (hee-kamah) is being named "The Superfood of 2019" by celebrity food experts such as Goop's Gwyneth Paltrow, Food Network's Rachael Ray, and Genius foods author Max Lugavere. Jicama, the root vegetable native to Mexico with a fresh and lightly sweet taste, is praised for its ability to nourish the body with Vitamin C, prebiotic fiber, and essential vitamins to boost gut and immune health. Whether you're whipping up cocktails for your annual holiday party, or searching for the perfect gift for your health-conscious and foodie best friends, this versatile and delicious beverage will be your go to. 

"As modern drinkers consider their relationship with wellness and alcohol, cocktails with health-boosting benefits – and without booze at all – are quickly gaining popularity. Xicamix embodies that Spirit of Wellness,” says Mona Sharma CEO and founder of Xicama. "Mindful eating is one of the pillars for optimal health. No matter what your overall health concerns are, your gut is the best place to start to improve how you feel. When you understand the connection between digestion and happiness, healthy living becomes so much easier. And with Xicamix, wellness is never sacrificed for pleasure."

Here is Xicamix's gut-health holiday cocktail recipe

*Best used with Tequila or sparkling water for a mocktail

Xicamix is the better-for-you cocktail that you can feel good about enjoying. Available for purchase via shopify, and through Bar Lab. Xicamix cocktail mixes are only the beginning for Xicama. Along with these new and innovative Jicama-based beverages, Xicama will be rolling out Jicama Water, Jicama Gut Elixirs and Jicama Flour in the near future.  And, Mona and Xicama recently - and successfully -  pitched their new business on Canada's leading entrepreneur TV Show, Dragon's Den (The Original Sharks Den) - stay tuned for more details. Drink to good health. Buena Salud!


About Xicama™Xicama™ was created by Holistic Nutritionist and Wellness Educator, Mona Sharma. For over a decade, Mona has studied the connection between food, gut health and vitality. Having recovered from two heart surgeries, and with a family history of autoimmune disease, Mona was amazed at the power we have to heal our bodies with Food. Mona's mission for Xicama™ is to create a line of functional food products that deliver the gut and immune boosting benefits of Jicama.

Xicama™ is rooted in centuries of ancient wisdom, playfully awakened for the modern world. The Jicama is consciously harvested in the Pacific coastal village of Sayulita, Mexico, and is passionately blended with all natural ingredients in sunny California. Enjoy the exotic, refreshing flavors and health boost of Xicama™.

The star superfood ingredient of Xicamix, Jicama (hee-kamah), is a root vegetable native to Mexico with a fresh and lightly sweet taste. Celebrity food experts, such as Goop's Gwyneth Paltrow, Food Network's Rachael Ray, and Genius Foods author Max Lugavere, are naming Jicama "The Superfood of 2019", for its ability to nourish the body with Vitamin C, prebiotic fibre, and essential vitamins to boost gut and immune health.

Xicamix™, a collection of 3 first-to-market Jicama-based cocktail mixes created by Bar Lab/Broken Shaker for Xicama™ and their parent company IQ Foods International, is only the beginning for Xicama™.  Having just launched at Coachella this year, they sold out over both weekends and have already been gaining traction having been featured in Trendhunter, and The Miami Times.  They were recently featured on CBC's Dragon's Den (The Original Shark Tank), and will be launching Jicama Water, Jicama Gut Health Elixr, and Jicama Flour, in the near future.


About Mona Sharma: Mona Sharma is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Wellness Coach, and NLP practitioner based in L.A. and Toronto. She's a mother to Elijah and baby India, a wife to Craig, who is a film director, and the founder and CEO of Xicama™, an innovative line of functional food and beverage products that deliver the gut and immune boosting benefits of Jicama.

In her late twenties, while working a high-powered, high-stress role in the corporate beauty world, Mona began to experience chronic anxiety, severe digestive issues, and heart palpitations that persisted after two heart surgeries. After hitting rock bottom, she decided to switch gears and turn her attention to her personal health, returning to her roots of living on an Ashram with her parents. She began to make use of the tools she obtained on the Ashram, where emphasis was placed on bringing the mind and body back to balance through yoga, meditation, mantras, and Ayurvedic meals. After healing from her major health issues, Mona shifted her professional career toward health and wellness. She began working with professional athletes, celebrities, and CEO's to bring balance back to their lives, as well as peace and happiness back to their mindset, so they could thrive.

For over a decade, Mona has worked with clients on mind-body connection, the link between inflammation, gut health and vitality, and the foods that fuel optimal health. One day, while pregnant with baby India, Mona was eating Jicama in her kitchen with her husband, when they decided to pull out the juicer to make some Jicama juice. Aware of its benefits for gut health and immunity, they kept the conversation going, leading to the establishment of her own company, IQ Foods International— for which Xicama™, an innovative Jicama-based food and beverage line, is the flagship brand.

Mona's philosophy is that it's time for us to take back our health, and decide that we are worth more than living with symptoms we've gotten used to. Food, meditation, and movement are the ultimate pillars to a vibrant mind and body for life.




For sample or interview requests with Mona, high-resolution shots or any related media inquiries please contact: Michelle Calvert, 416.640.5675, 323.348.6412 or email



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