Jen Rowe of Neat Method Toronto shares brilliant tips for keeping organized this holiday season


Big holiday celebrations can mean big holiday messes for many households. Overstocked fridges and cupboards, unorganized cabinets and a sudden lack of space seem to be a holiday tradition! Jen Rowe of NEAT Method Toronto is here to offer up tips and tricks for this holiday's set up and tear down that will transform your home from chaos to composed. 


Organizing can seem like a daunting task, especially during this time of year, but with Jen's useful tips everyone can conquer this holiday season with ease! Jen's sharp eye to detail and expertise will allow you to find the most functional way to store your belongings. Whether it be decor, food/drink, clothing or dinnerware, Jen gives her best advice on storage solutions that will assist you in all of your holiday organizing woes. From simple tools to labelling, here are some simple ways to organize your home with a house full of guests.


Preparing your kitchen for Holiday entertaining: 

The holidays can be an overwhelming time, particularly when it comes to entertaining. Jen is sharing her tips to help you get your kitchen organized ahead of time, so you can be prepared for all of the parties, presents and visitors. 

Edit: Part ways with any expired items in your pantry, fridge and freezer to make room for special holiday items you don't always have on hand. 

Customize: adjust any shelves in your cupboard or fridge to make room for different items. 

Categorize: Group remaining food into categories so that you're storing like items together. 

Condense and contain: Remove any excess packaging to make the most of the space and contain each category together so you only have to go to one place to find something. 

Label: With removable vinyl chalkboard stickers, you can label your categories in your cupboards and fridge to help everyone in your family find holiday recipe ingredients easily. 


Preparing your home for Holiday Guests:

The holidays can be an overwhelming time, particularly when it comes to entertaining. Jen is sharing her tips to help you get your home organized for overnight guests. 

Allergy alert: Before your guests arrive, ask if they have any food allergies so you can ensure those items are not on the menu and, if necessary, are out of the house during their stay. 

Make space: Free up some space in a closet and/or dresser for guests to hang or place any items that wrinkle easily. 

Drop zone: Set out a bowl on the guest room dresser or nightstand for guests to place their keys and other small belongings. 

The essentials: Making sure there's extra facial and bathroom tissue, towels and facecloths, and pillows and blankets. Have these at the ready in your guest space and make sure your guests know where those essentials are. 


How to store your Holiday decor:

As the holidays come to a close, knowing how to organize holiday decor will make for easier storage throughout the year and easier decorating for the next season. Jen is sharing her tips to help you store your decor. 

Standard-sized ornament: Dedicated ornament bins that include dividers will prevent breakage. 

Larger ornaments and decor: Weathertight bins will prevent moisture damage and are easily stacked. 

String lights: Wrapping lights around a light wrap or a clothes hanger prevent a tangled mess. 

Holiday dinnerware: Don't let seasonal dishes and platters take up valuable space in your kitchen or dining room. Store it in china storage organizers with the rest of your Holiday decor. 



About: NEAT Method Toronto is the organizing company that will transform your home or office from chaos to composed. They recognize that life gets hectic and that maintaining an organized home can become a challenge. Specializing in organizing, unpacking, and downsizing homes & offices across Toronto, they make the spaces you have functional for the life you live by focusing on creating uniquely personalized systems.

Jen Rowe, Owner, promises an honest approach, a sharp eye for detail, and a personal sense of refined style. Jen has spent the better part of her nearly 20-year career in corporate communications, primarily in the non-profit sector, but has always been an organizer at heart. When she became a parent to her now 5- and 7-year olds, she started to dive deeper into how best to maximize the space in her family’s east end home and make it highly efficient for their lifestyle. In 2019, she parlayed this skillset into a career with NEAT Method.

Jen loves reading with her kids, trying out new gluten-free recipes, practicing Pilates and hot yoga, and sits on the Board of Directors for a local non-profit.

Visibility: NEAT Method has been featured in various high-profile publications, such as The New York TimesForbesArchitectural DigestgoopHouseBeautiful, and more. 






For more information on NEAT Method, high resolution images, sample requests or interviews with Jen, please contact:, or call 323.348.6412



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