Simplify your Holiday glam routine with Pretty in the City's permanent and semi-permanent makeup services 

With the hectic holiday season upon us, it’s essential to develop a simple and effortless beauty routine. Pretty in the City has got you covered with number of permanent and semi-permanent makeup services that will help amplify your natural features with little to no effort. Offering eyelash extensions, microblading, ombre powder brows, eyeliner tattoos, brow shaping, and more, PIC will take your holiday look to the next level. Say goodbye to filling in eyebrows, messing up your mascara, and making several attempts at the perfect cat eye, and hello to waking up looking effortlessly beautiful.

Pretty in the City is committed to making all their clients feel confident and beautiful, especially throughout the holiday season. With Pretty in the City, you can be sure that you’ll look your very best from the moment you wake up until you go to bed. Their lash and brow technicians are highly-trained and dedicated to their craft, and their Founder and Master Stylist, Veronica Tran, is one of the most highly regarded technicians in Toronto. It comes as no surprise that Pretty in the City has been honoured in publications such as Fashion Magazine, BlogTo and Narcity, for being the very best at what they do.

Our pick of lash and brow services for the perfect cold weather routine

Eyelash Extensions

At Pretty in the City, their highly-skilled artists work hard to create natural-looking sets of lash extensions that are perfect for the Holiday season. When done right, lash extensions are every girl's best accessory. By using special tweezers to seamlessly attach each extension to a natural lash, their artists enhance your lashes beauty without appearing over-done. Pretty in the City offers the Classic Natural set, Volume Superlash set and the Hybrid set. 




Microblading is one of the best ways to have perfect brows at all times! Your artist will etch a pattern of lines that mimic your own hair growth pattern while implanting pigment simultaneously. Their artists create natural-looking brows that require virtually no maintenance. Wake up and go to bed with the perfect brows. With Pretty in the City being voted one of the best places for microblading in Canada and Toronto by Fashion Magazine and BlogTO, you know you're in the best of hands. 




Ombre Powder Brows

Ombre Powder brows is another technique that will leave you with amazing brows that are perfect for the Holidays. The end result is a soft powder shaded effect, much like the look of using brow powder. The artist is able to control the amount of colour deposited, from very light and soft colour, to much more bold, saturated colour. This technique is done with a permanent makeup machine. If you can't decide between Ombre Powder or microblading services, and you want a softly shaded brow as well as individual hair strokes, opt for the combination brow, which uses both techniques for optimal results. 


Eyeliner Tattoo

Save the time of redoing your eyeliner multiple times with an eyeliner tattoo! Eyeliner / Lashline Tattoo Colour is deposited along the lash line and extending the colour slight above to create the effect of eyeliner. There are many variations to this enhancement, such as with a wing, without, soft or sharp edges. The end result is always the same - subtly enhanced, well defined eyes without appearing obvious. 





About: Established in 2005, Pretty In The City Lash & Brow Bar has been providing exceptional aesthetic services with cutting edge techniques, high-level professionalism, and the best products on the market for twelve years. Founder and master stylist, Veronica Tran, focuses on bespoke lash and brow services to enhance, compliment and balance the symmetry to your face. Quality takes time, and each appointment is timed accordingly to allow for individual customization, proper implementation of skilled techniques, and sanitation protocols. The lash and brow technicians are well trained and dedicated to their craft. Customers of the beauty parlour experience unparalleled expertise in a friendly, relaxed environment.

Pretty In The City founder, Veronica Tran, is one of the first estheticians in Toronto, to train in the art of eyelash extensions, attending workshops in both Toronto and New York.  Her expertise can be seen in many national magazines including Flare, FASHION, Elle Canada, Elevate, and Best Health. She holds several eyelash extension certifications in both classic and volume techniques, a diploma as a Skin Care Technician and Permanent Make-Up Technician, as well as several certificates for infection control. Attending workshops, seminars, and conferences on an annual basis, Veronica is always up to date with the newest innovations and industry standards. Her latest accomplishments include several master classes for Volume Eyelash Extensions and Microblading with well-regarded industry professionals such as Irina Levchuk, Daria Chuprys, and Branko Babic. Veronica is also one of the first in Canada to be certified with PhiBrows.

Visibility: Veronica and Pretty in the City have been featured in The Globe and Mail, Elle, Elle Canada, Flare Magazine, MSN, Chatelaine, The Kit, Refinery 29, Well and Good, Fashion Magazine, American Spa, Toronto Beauty Reviews and more.

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