Gear up for the hectic holiday season with B Yoga's newest collection of yoga and meditation essentials, Manifest Calm

The holidays may look a little different this year and with an added layer of unknown, the stress of the season can sneak up on us. At B Yoga, North America's premier destination for all things movement, meditation and mindfulness, they know that this has the potential to put a strain on our mental and physical wellbeing. Fortunately, they're here to help us transition into the colder months with ease and bring you some calming selects to help you stay centred and relaxed. Offering a full range of elevated yoga, fitness and meditation essentials, B Yoga's products invite us to mindfully move and restore in the comfort of our own home. Known best for their highly coveted B MATs, they offer an incredible selection of yoga and meditation accessories, recovery and massage tools, calming room sprays, and luxurious sleep products. Whether you're an experienced yogi or excited beginner, B Yoga will help you find your perfect balance. 

Just in time for the hectic holiday months, B Yoga is proud to be introducing their newest collection, Manifest Calm. Embracing small comforts, this new line is a reminder to live calmly and compassionately in every thought, action, and idea. Inspired by our favourite warming beverages, dried grasses and plants, Manifest Calm will assist us as we transition from light to dark with luxe bolsters, yoga mats, silk pillowcases and more. Give your loved ones (or yourself!) the gift of calm this holiday season with B Yoga's newest collection of cold-weather inspired contemporary yoga and meditation essentials. 

B Yoga's incredible range of products can be shopped online and shipped internationally.

The B MAT Everyday in Cacao - $84.00

B Yoga's limited edition B MAT colour for F20. Inspired by a morning cup of coffee, milk teas and the coziness and warmth that accompanies this daily ritual. The B MAT Everyday - Cacao offers the same, unprecedented ultra-grip as the traditional B MAT. Feel calm and centred, grounded and cozy. The B MAT Everyday 4mm has been their top selling mat from day one. The B MAT Everyday is designed with every-yogi in mind. With a superior grip, supportive cushioning and lightweight construction, it's perfect for super sweaty and fast moving practices, or room-temp classes with long holds — The B MAT Everyday is for every-practice.


The B MAT Luxe in Night Sky - $108.00 

The B MAT Luxe is designed for stability, comfort and beauty. Your hands and feet will stay strong and stable whether your practice is slow and steady, or hot and sweaty. This optimal grip is complemented by the soft cushioning of the natural rubber base (which can also be practiced on for added grip!). Vegan leather adds an elevated elegance to any yoga practice.



The Calm Bolster in Terra Firma - $116.00

The Calm Bolster in Terra Firma, is a limited edition cushion for F20. Terra Firma comes from the latin phrase meaning 'firm land'. Terra Firma grounds us into our practice, a reminder to appreciate the earth elements while manifesting calm. The Calm Bolster is your best support during restorative, nidra and gentle flow sessions. Lift the hips while seated, open the heart while in savasana, or create a cushioned lift during forward folds, The Calm Bolster will leave you feeling cared for and stable. An easy carry handle, 'out of sight, out of mind' phone pocket and removable washable cover are some of the features of our take on one of the most widely used yoga props.


The Silk Pillowcase in Storm - $96.00 

The Silk Pillowcase - Storm is inspired by the calm before an evening storm. The Silk Pillowcase is soft on skin and hair due to it's 100% silk construction.Hypoallergenic and temperature regulating — The Silk Pillowcase will have you falling asleep in comfort and waking up looking and feeling refreshed.



The Zen Headwrap in Cacao - $28.00

Inspired by a morning cup of coffee, milk teas and the coziness and warmth that accompanies this daily ritual. The Zen Headwrap - Cacao is the perfect addition to your everyday look. Designed to wear during: your morning skin care routine, running errands, during vinyasas, or even catching rays on the beach. It’s simple, easy, modern, and comfortable.




The Mat Duffle in Black -  $108.00 

The Mat Duffle is the carry-all every yogi has been waiting for. This canvas and vegan leather combo is not only beautiful but also carefully designed, sized and sewn to carry around any sized B MAT with room to spare. The double horizontal zip means you can place your mat in your bag with ease post class — even with a sweaty rubber B MAT.


The Room Spray - $32.00 

The Room Spray is a brew of 100% organic ingredients, designed to elevate the scent in your favourite spaces at home or in-studio. With a fresh citrus forward scent, supported by woodier notes of clove and bergamot — the Room Spray will refresh and renew.




The Turkish Blanket in Cool Black - $98.00 

The Turkish Blanket's careful fibre selection and hand woven construction makes this blanket not only cozy and soft but also durable and versatile. Made of ethically sourced ring spun cotton — the Turkish Blanket is a mindfully made addition to your home or practice space.



About B Yoga: Andrea Morris developed her vision for B Yoga at The Stewart Group, her family’s fifth-generation manufacturing and technology company. She was working with an innovative type of rubber, originally created for carpet pads, when she realized that the material’s distinctive qualities – its exceptionally grippy texture, its eco-friendliness and its durability – could make it the perfect yoga mat. And so, after endless prototyping and fine-tuning, the B MAT was born.

Since the very first B MAT, B Yoga has made it their priority to bring simple, enduring yoga staples to the yoga community in Canada, the USA and internationally.

The B MAT is B Yoga's core and top selling product and continues to be the heart of our company. As B Yoga has continued to grow, so has its offerings, making products for all kinds of yogis -- elevating essentials, produced with an emphasis on performance, comfort, and contemporary design. B Yoga makes products for the real world, to meet the needs of real people.

In Spring of 2018 B Yoga purchased Halfmoon Yoga Products, based in Vancouver, BC. Another female-founded, Canadian, yoga/meditation/wellness oriented company. The joining of these two brands was a perfect union and they continue to grow proudly side-by-side across Canada, the USA and internationally.

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For more information on B Yoga, high resolution images, sample requests or interviews with Andrea Morris please contact:, or call 323.348.6412



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