Bling it on this Spring and Summer with Erin Tracy's hero pieces, and her newest collection Charmed

Spring's newest jewellery trends are all about being bold, and  Erin Tracy Bridal and Fine Jewellery has something for everyone to help them transition into the warmer months, and still look fabulous!  From earrings to rings to necklaces and bracelets - This Toronto based fine jeweller has got you covered. Using Mixed materials such as yellow gold, sterling silver, diamonds, concrete and acrylic. These timeless pieces are highly versatile and will take you through both seasons and beyond. Whether it’s a backyard barbecue, a rooftop dinner or a fall wedding - the handcrafted collection will define your wardrobe with elegance and style.

This season, upgrade your jewellery collection with Erin Tracy's brand new line of responsibly-sourced, high-quality, and stunning fine jewels. Erin Tracy Bridal and Fine Jewellery's latest collection, Charmed, presents an array of pieces hand-crafted from luxurious gems and materials including rose quartz, diamonds, sterling silver, and various types of gold. Featuring both hard edges and soft lines, this collection of necklaces, bracelets, and stackable rings are so versatile you'll never want to take them off! The unique pieces can be taken from day to night, and paired with anything from your most elegant cocktail dress to your favourite ripped vintage tee. Charmed is enchanting and edgy; you get to decide. 

"This collection is about hard edges and soft lines meeting in the middle," says Tracy on her inspo for this new collection, "It is about having options. Creating your own stack of rings. Or your own personalized charm bracelet that can be as pretty or as edgy as you like."

Boasting a wide selection of meticulously designed, handmade jewellery, Erin Tracy continues to create timeless, elegant, and one-of-a-kind pieces. Coupling modernity with pure elemental form, Erin Tracy's designs appeal to everyone— no matter your budget or aesthetic. As a leader in design and destination for high quality pieces, it is no surprise that Erin Tracy's award winning designs have been recognized in various high-profile publications such as the Globe and Mail, Fashion Magazine, Wedding Bells, Flare, Elle Canada to name a few. Whether your style is classic and reformed or contemporary and avant-garde, Erin Tracy's Charmed collection is one you won't want to miss!


The Complete Charmed Collection by Erin Tracy Bridal and Fine Jewellery


CHARMED Enchanted Ring

 $1200.00- $8000.00

14K Rose and White Gold, Diamond


CHARMED Allure Stack

$400.00- $2500.00

14K Rose and White Gold, Diamond



$1150.00- $1400.00

14K Yellow Gold, Diamond


CHARMED Grace Stack

$400.00- $1400.00

14K Yellow Gold, Diamond


$250.00- $1150.00

14K Rose and Yellow Gold, Diamond, Rose Quartz



14K Rose and White Gold, Diamond


CHARMED Horn Necklace

$250.00- $790.00

Yellow Gold, Sterling Silver


CHARMED Bar Necklace


Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, Diamond



CHARMED Enchanted Necklace


Yellow Gold, Diamond


CHARMED Necklace


Sterling Silver, Moonstone, Black Onyx



CHARMED Lucky Charmed Initial Tag Bracelet

$45.00- $220.00

Sterling Silver


CHARMED Lucky Charmed Bracelet

$45.00- $220.00

Sterling Silver, Crustal, Onyx




Sterling Silver, Rose Gold Plated, Yellow Gold Plated


CHARMED Shield Ring


Yellow Gold


CHARMED Slink Earrings


Yellow Gold

CHARMED Duster Earrings


White Gold


CHARMED Molten Earrings


Yellow Gold

CHARMED Molten Earrings


White Gold

CHARMED Crescent Studs


Sterling Silver, Crystals, Hematite



Sterling Silver, Crystals


CHARMED Orb Earrings


Sterling Silver

CHARMED Earrings Rose Gold


Rose Gold, Crystals

CHARMED Earrings Yellow Gold


Yellow Gold, Crystals


CHARMED Earrings


Sterling Silver, Crystals



Past collections:


ERA Bar Studs - $110

Sterling Silver



ERA Curve Necklace - $350

14K Yellow Gold, Crystals





ERA Diamond Chain Earrings - $395

10K Yellow Gold





DECO Endless Choker- $225

Yellow Gold Plated




DECO Hex Bangle


Brass or Silver


DECO Lariat Necklace


Rose Gold, Diamonds



MINI Make a Wish Necklace


Sterling Silver 

*Part of Mini collection, but with the option of a longer chain!



DECO Calla Front Back Earrings


Sterling Silver, Rose Quartz




DECO Sauvage Aqua Ring


Yellow Gold, White Diamonds, Opals, Chalcedony



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About: Erin Tracy Bridal and Fine Jewellery is a purveyor of custom bridal and ready-made fine jewellery. Employing the industry’s best craftspeople, lead designer Erin Tracy has been creating unique and special pieces on site at the Toronto-based studio since 2003. The work of an avid traveler, her jewellery embraces diverse cultural influences—from the American Southwest to Scandinavia to Japan. But it always remains unmistakably her own.

Erin’s innate creativity and strong design sensibilities were honed by her studies at the Ontario College of Art and Design, from which she took her Bachelor’s degree in design. Since then, the virtuosity of her work has attracted a large and loyal following of repeat clients across North America, Europe, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Erin Tracy is an award-winning designer with over a decade of design experience and while her reputation has been built largely by word of mouth, her artistry has been recognized in such high-profile publications as The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Flare, Fashion Magazine, Elle Canada, Wedding Bells and Canadian Jeweller. She was most recently profiled as a jewellery expert on CityLine, CHCH Morning Live, and E! Canada

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For editorial pulls, high-resolution shots, product samples, interviews, or any related media inquiries for Erin Tracy, please contact: Michelle Calvert, 416.640.5675, 323.348.6412 or email


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