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New year new design

As you might have noticed, the name of this Digest has changed to represent the unified work of WSG and Digital Comms teams, i.e. Web Services. A new fresh look is coming up later this year as well.


Automated accessibility tool to save your time

Placeholder text can be useful when crafting a new site or page, but once the page is live, leaving it in place can be embarrassing. A 'placeholder words' scan report has been implemented in the WMS Dashboard to easily identify any published node with placeholder text. To learn why and how Site Managers should fix these pages, visit Using the Dashboard in the WMS.


Disabled menu items

Disabled menu items are responsible for a number of unanticipated problems. Disabling menu links in the main menu settings can make your site structure unstable. Soon it won't be possible for site managers to disable menu items themselves. Check your WMS site menu and ensure it's nice and clean. For more information, see Build and restructure menus in the WMS.


Share your thoughts about search on mcgill.ca

We were pleased to kick off the new year with the launch of new search updates on mcgill.ca websites. We'd like your thoughts on the updates and ideas for further improvements. Please take our survey.


New options for digital publications

Did you resolve to make the news in 2021? We've got lots of options for old publications or fresh news feeds. Read about centrally-supported options for digital publications, periodicals, and news sites. Here are some details...

'News Release' category is only for the 'Official' role

It may be tempting to select it, but the 'News Release' category is reserved for central Communications and is only to be used for press releases put out by the communications experts in CER. Ensure you don't use the category for the Channel items you create on your own WMS site. View a complete list of other categories available to you.



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Web Services Community


Sorry for the clickbait: refresher modules, no free 'Dr. Pepper'. Web content creators now need to take refresher modules for WS-100 Writing for the Web and WS-101 McGill Digital Standards every 2 years.


An important part of web accessibility compliance is using plain language. Learn the whats, whys and how-tos in our new article.


Our guest author, Rachel Desjourdy, McGill's Accessibility Advisor, continues her series on creating accessible websites. Read about guidelines for time-based media, as well as adaptable and distinguishable content.




Did you know?

Web Services stories of 2020


From our new online training courses to new features that were quickly adopted on department websites, 2020 was a year we worked together to build a better web experience for our audiences. Read the article...


Language configuration of events


Language Toggle from the English events page to the French events pages will be displayed if, and only if, there are published French events on the site (with any date, including in the past). The same rule applies for the link from the French events page to the English events page.


Learn more

WMS how-to documentation can be found in the IT Knowledge Base.


For ongoing updates, visit the WMS website.


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