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New features and updates

Gotta look sharp

Make sure people see your best side. The WMS's Focal point feature is now available for Profile images, ensuring that the most important part of the photo will not be cropped out. Learn more about Focal point... 


The ties that bind

Site Admins now have access to a new field in Site settings that allows them to set the faculty or faculties that their website should be associated with when search results are filtered by faculty. These tags will greatly benefit users of our new search platform. Discover more Site settings...


Updated fonts in the WMS

The much-anticipated rebranding of the WMS is beginning. The new McGill Sans and McGill Serif fonts are being prepared and tested for deployment to the entire WMS. In addition to refreshing the appearance of WMS sites, this work has helped us fine-tune our processes for future changes to design elements such as colours, icons, and more! Stay tuned for more announcements. Find out more about typography... 


Are you going to #PSEWEB?

The #PSEWEB 2020 conference is planned to take place at McGill July 13 to 15, 2020. Due to COVID-19, contingency plans for the conference are being investigated and information will be shared soon. Keep an eye on the #PSEWEB website for details. Read more about #PSEWEB...


New resources for improving team capacity

Are you interested in recruiting new staff members to work on your website? Check out our Toolkit for increasing web management capacity designed to help teams improve their approach to planning, building, and maintaining high-quality websites and applications. See all Web Services toolkits...


New training courses on web content

Visit the Web Services website to get all the details on our four new training courses, two of which are mandatory for WMS Site Managers and Site Editors. Learn the 'ins' and 'outs' of creating accessible content, search engine optimization, website usability, and much more! During the COVID-19 campus closure, training courses are being delivered online. Get more training info... 


Learn while social distancing!

What is 'web accessibility' and why is it an important concern for all McGill web publishers? Over a four week-period, EdX and W3C are offering a free online course called Introduction to Web Accessibility. You'll learn about web accessibility, how people with disabilities use different assistive technologies and adaptive strategies, and the business value of respecting web accessibility. Register for the course...


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Accessibility matters! 


As announced at the unified Web Services year-end presentation and on the Web Services website, WMS Site Managers and Editors need to be mindful of the upcoming July 2020 deadline for complying with the web accessibility standards published by the Government du Quebec.


This deadline is applicable to sites published after July 2018.


A second deadline of July 2022 applies to sites published before 2018.


Read more about

accessibility →


Communicating in times of crisis


Accessibility is key! In stressful times, ensure that important alert at the top of the websites are respectful for all including those with visual or motor disabilities, and on any devices. Stick to the WSG's approved semantic and accessible classes or tools. Don't 'wing it' with text embedded images or table layouts.


A few recommended quick & easy ways to highlight text: 

Learn more about usability 


Agile isn't only for IT


Agile is a methodology to help small teams (3-9 members) adapt to a changing workload and deliver value quickly by maximizing their efficiency and eliminating waste. Used by IT development teams for years, it's being adopted by lots of non-IT people too. 


Read the Agile article →



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