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A message from Campus Life & Engagement, the one office dedicated to new McGill students. 


Hi Campus Life & Engage,


Happy Monday from CL&E! We’re only two months away from starting the Fall 2020 semester—and we’ve got a bunch of important reminders and resources in this email to make sure you’re on track with planning your first year of university. We have also added new webinars to our summer offerings, so be sure to sign up for those! 



Important Dates


Big things are on the horizon—be sure to read carefully to make sure you’ve got your affairs in order.



  • Deadline to apply for residence lottery: July 7, 2020
  • Hall assignment lottery: July 8, 2020

Course Registration


Course registration opened in early June, however if you haven’t chosen your courses yet, you still have until August 14 to register without incurring late fees. 



  • Work Study Program application opens: July 1, 2020
  • In-course aid need-based application: Apply within up to 60 days of your formal acceptance. The application officially closes on June 30!
  • First e-Bill issued: early August
  • Deadline to pay first e-bill: August 31, 2020

Health Insurance


Full-time undergraduate students are automatically enrolled in a health insurance plan. You may opt-out of the plan only if you can prove you have a health and dental plan that is equivalent to that offered by McGill. Opt-out periods depend on your residency:


Holidays (University closed)


  • Summer Fridays: July 3, 2020
  • Canada Day: July 1, 2020
  • Labour Day: September 7, 2020



Information regarding Orientation and Frosh will be released in early July so stay tuned!


Check out the complete list of important dates for the Fall 2020 semester available.



SURVEY: Planning for a Remote Fall Semester


Student Services needs your help to design the programming and services we’ll be offering remotely this Fall. As an incoming First-Year student, your input is especially appreciated! By completing a 10-minute survey, you’ll be helping us make informed decisions about our offerings. Plus, participants will be automatically entered to win a prize!



July Webinars


CL&E has been hosting weekly webinars over the summer. If you haven’t attended yet, these webinars provide a great opportunity to hear from McGill experts from the comfort of your own home. Webinars are held on Zoom and we offer multiple sessions of each of our webinars, so don’t fret if you can’t make a certain time. Check out our website for a complete schedule and to register.


NEW - Montreal Healthcare Community – July 13 & 15


Do you have questions about your healthcare options while studying at McGill? Find out about student health and wellness services available on campus, learn how to navigate off-campus health resources, and familiarize yourself with the Quebec healthcare system. Remote care options in the COVID-19 era will also be discussed.


Parents: How to Support Your New McGill Student – July 14 & 15


Are your parents wondering how they can support you during your transition into McGill as new university students, both now and throughout your first year? Some of the topics covered in this webinar include: the role of parents and family, support resources at McGill, confidentiality, transition issues, health insurance, and CL&E’s role in supporting new students.


Spilling the Tea: What I Wish I Had Known (Student Panel) – July 21 & July 22


The "What I Wish I Had Known as a First-Year" webinar is an opportunity to learn about life at McGill from upper-year students. You'll hear tips and honest advice they wish they had received when they were once in your shoes! Have a question? The webinar will feature multiple Q&A opportunities for you to ask students who have been through it all! Moderated by Gilbert Lin, New Student Advisor at Campus Life & Engagement and presented by current McGill students: Caitlin, Kirsten, Katia, and Ashley.


NEW - Know Your Rights – July 28 & 31


The webinar presentation will explain the services that the LICM offers to students as well as answer common questions on residential leases and employment law.


University 101: Academic Culture & Expectations – July 29


You’ve made it to McGill! This is a huge accomplishment for you and all your peers. Maybe you’re used to a straight-A average, but now, so is everyone around you! And things can get competitive. What does it mean to hit the books at one of the top universities in the world? What happens if you fail an assignment or even a class? How do you balance your GPA and your well-being? We’ve created this webinar to help you feel confident and comfortable learning in a university environment by demystifying McGill's Academic Culture. Presented by Gilbert Lin, New Student Advisor and Caitlin Mehrotra, Undergraduate Orientations Programs Coordinator at Campus Life & Engagement.


Getting Involved at McGill – August 4 & 5


The most frequent advice our upper-year students offer to the entering class is to get involved. Early connections are key to help you thrive! This webinar aims to help students discover what opportunities for learning and development exist, even in a remote environment.  This webinar provides information on the benefits of getting involved and how to take those first steps towards engagement. We'll also tell you about our resources and share tips and tools on how to manage your time. This webinar is hosted by Joan Butterworth, Leadership Training Facilitator at Campus Life & Engagement.


NEW - Social Connections – August 10 & 11


We have all heard about the importance of social connections. This interactive webinar will cover some tips on making connections during the online semester and give you a chance to connect with other students virtually. We'll also talk about some self-care strategies for when you start feeling Zoom fatigue!



And that’s it from us! Again, if you ever find yourself with any questions about student life, feel free to email us at


See you next week,



Gilbert Lin

New Student Advisor, Campus Life & Engagement | McGill Student Services


If you think you’ve missed any of our messages or want to re-read any, check out CL&E’s First-Year Email archive.




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