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A message from Campus Life & Engagement, the one office dedicated to new McGill students. 


Hey Campus Life & Engage, 


This week's message is all about housing. We know this year will look a little different as students attend McGill remotely from around the globe. However, we want to make sure you have all the info about what options are available to you, whether you’re coming to Montreal in the fall or the winter.


Our website covers everything you need to know about on-campus and off-campus housing, so refer back to it as often as you need to as you make this exciting decision!



Living On Campus


We know the current COVID-19 pandemic has made a lot of things uncertain—but no matter what’s going on in the world, you shouldn’t have to worry about your first-year housing at McGill.


If you’re a first-year undergraduate student registered for the Fall 2020 term at McGill, you’ll have a guaranteed place in residence, even if travel restrictions or other related issues mean you can’t be in Montreal in September. If you want to live in residences in the Fall but are unable to travel to Montreal at the start of the semester, just email as soon as you know you’ll be delayed. We’ll either pause rental payments until you arrive on campus or credit your rental fees accordingly.
This first-year guarantee extends to students who will be attending McGill remotely and living off of our campuses for the Fall semester, but who wish to live in residence in the Winter semester. It’s important to note that if this applies to you, your application process will be slightly different—read on for a run-down of each process, and check out the updated FAQs on the Student Housing and Hospitality Services website for more information.


How to apply to live on campus for the Fall semester:


1. Log onto Minerva > Applicant Menu > Student Housing Status > Accept the offer.

2. Rank your choices of residence:

3. Request  Residence Accessibility if you have any accessibility needs or concerns regarding your residence experience.

4. In your application, complete the Residence Questionnaire. Answer these questions as truthfully as possible, as they will help to pair you with your future roommates and neighbours.

5. Pay the $1,500 residence deposit and the $30 residence application fee by July 7, 2020 before midnight in order to confirm a residence space.

6. Residence lottery will take place July 8, 2020.


NOTE: To view the housing application menu on Minerva, you will need to have requested residence on your application to McGill. If you did not request residence when you first applied to McGill, or have any questions regarding the steps detailed above, email


How to apply to live on campus for the Winter semester only:


Please do not apply to residences before the July 7th deadline if you can only come for the Winter semester. Instead, please contact (for downtown requests) and (for Macdonald Campus) as soon as you know you would like to live in residences for the Winter semester only, and our customer services team will assist you with the Winter 2021 semester application process.


Please include the following information in your email:

  • Subject line: “Winter 2021 Residences Application”
  • Full name
  • Student ID number
  • Top three residence choices


Living Off Campus


Finding Your Neighbourhood


Whether you’ll be arriving in Montreal in the Fall or Winter semester, the city has so much to offer—it's ranked as one of the best student cities in the world and there are countless student neighbourhoods to choose from! The Milton-Parc area, the Lower Plateau, the Mile-EndOld Montreal, and West of Campus are McGill student favourites.

Student Resources


Join the COMunity! McGill has programs specifically designed to support Off-Campus & Commuter students. Be sure to connect with students living off campus by joining the Facebook group for the McGill Off-Campus First Years 2020-2021.


Register for our Housing (Living Off Campus) Pre-Arrival Webinar for an introduction to life in Montreal as a McGill student Monday, June 22 at 9 a.m. EST, Tuesday, June 23 at 6 p.m. EST and Friday, July 3 at 9 a.m. EST.



Moving is a big life event—especially if you are coming on your own. Know that you are not alone; there are thousands of other students starting the same new journey at McGill!


If you have any questions or concerns, we are always here at Campus Life & Engagement to answer your question or find someone who can help make Montreal and McGill into your new home.





Gilbert Lin

New Student Advisor, Campus Life & Engagement | McGill Student Services


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