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A message from Campus Life & Engagement, the one office dedicated to new McGill students.


Hi Campus Life & Engage!


Course registration can be a confusing mystery! Luckily, CL&E is here to help you learn the basics. Read on in this email for important dates and tips, and check out the Course Registration module of GradLife Orientation for more in-depth information!




Take Note!


Below are important dates and course registration details, so read on to get prepared to choose classes!

  • Course registration for new graduate students opens July 6th at 9am EDT.
  • New graduate students should be receiving information on courses to be taken from their department during the summer!
  • Before you start preparing for registration, you’ll need to access Minerva, McGill’s self-service administrative system. Minerva is a one-stop hub where you’ll be able to plan and register for classes, find your student records, access your financial information, and more!
  • At McGill, registration for both the Fall 2021 and Winter 2022 terms open at the same time, so be prepared to register for both terms this summer!
  • Graduate students must confirm their registration on Minerva for both the Fall 2021 and Winter 2022 terms by adding the registration confirmation course REGN RCGR for each. Find details here.

Learn About!

  • For information on course offerings, check out your department and program’s website, or the eCalendar.
  • Your Graduate Program Coordinator is available to give you details on course offerings and answer any other program-specific questions you may have!


  • McGill’s Visual Schedule Builder allows you to visualize your weekly class schedule! The VSB also shows you the CRNs (course codes) of your classes, which you can then easily copy and paste into the Minerva Registration "Quick Add" boxes.
  • CL&E's important date cheat sheet lists registration and housing deadlines, orientation info and more, all in one convenient place!



Want to ask your registration questions face-to-face? There’s still time to register for the last Intro to Graduate Studies webinar:

  • Monday, May 25 at 6pm Eastern Daylight Time



Get excited for next week's summer socials, the Faculty Intros, where you can meet new and returning students in your own faculty!

  • Faculty of Law – Monday, May 31st at 10am Eastern Daylight Time
  • Faculty of Music—Monday, June 7th at 10am Eastern Daylight Time

Check out the full schedule of Faculty Intros and other Summer Socials, and don't forget to introduce yourself virtually to your fellow classmates in the Graduate Entering Class Facebook Group!

We'll be writing to you again in two weeks, to give you plenty of info on graduate finances! Until then, if you have questions about registration, check out the Course Registration module in GLO, or reach out to your department. As always, if you have any questions in the meantime, reach out to us at!




Gilbert Lin

Manager, Orientation & Student Engagement | Campus Life & Engagement | McGill Student Services


If you think you’ve missed any of our messages or want to re-read any, check out CL&E’s First-Year Email archive.



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