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A message from Campus Life & Engagement, the one office dedicated to new McGill students.


Hi Campus Life & Engage!

This week, we’d like to introduce you to McGill 101! McGill 101 serves as an online orientation hub to help you prepare for life at McGill. It expands on the information we share in these emails, includes interactive activities, and the chance to win prizes! Each module corresponds to emails and webinars throughout the summer to provide you everything you need to know on key topics, such as course registration, support services, and housing.


For every award you receive on McGill 101, you will receive an entry into our prize draw! You have until 11:59PM EST on August 31st to complete all the activities. Examples of activities include quizzes, videos, and checklists. A full breakdown of all the modules and their corresponding activities can be found on McGill 101. Ready to get started? You can access McGill 101 in myCourses now!

Take Note!


  1. To access myCourses and McGill 101, you first need to activate your McGill email account. This account is very important and will be used to access McGill’s services and accounts.
  2. myCourses is also McGill’s learning management system, a platform where you can find your course syllabi and other materials, submit assignments, and communicate with classmates and your professors outside of class.
  3. For a tutorial on how to use McGill 101 and take advantage of all the information it provides, check out our quick virtual walkthrough.

Attend our webinars!


Our first webinar will be Introduction to McGill 101! Join us on one of the following dates:

  • Tuesday, May 18 at 6:00 PM EDT
  • Wednesday, May 19 at 10:00 AM EDT

Your Orientation Team at CL&E will be there to give you an introduction to undergraduate studies at McGill and show you the BEST way to prepare for the start of school!

Register for McGill PRO (Pre-Registration Orientation)!


McGill PRO (Pre-Registration Orientation) is a series of workshops taking place between May 25 and June 11. It is designed to help you navigate and prepare for course registration by providing you with an opportunity to ask your Academic Advisor questions face-to-face virtually! Some students are also able to write English and French placement exams as well as meet with an Access Advisor from the Office for Students with Disabilities.

That's it for this week! As always, if you have any questions, please email us at




Gilbert Lin

Manager, Orientation & Student Engagement | Campus Life & Engagement | McGill Student Services


If you think you’ve missed any of our messages or want to re-read any, check out CL&E’s First-Year Email archive.



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