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A message from Campus Life & Engagement, the one office dedicated to new McGill students. 


Hello Campus Life & Engage!


Forming connections with the graduate community is important to your personal and academic success—involvement in student associations and co-curricular activities is directly linked to the development of stronger leadership abilities, academic achievement, and resiliency. Getting involved is also a great way to meet new people, pursue your hobbies, and complement your academic interests to achieve a healthy balance.


Read on to learn about the opportunities you have to make a positive impact, expand your social circle and professional network, and develop your leadership skills at McGill!



Connecting with Your Peers


There are great ways for you to start making social connections before the semester begins.


You can sign up with one of McGill’s student matching programs to be paired with a returning graduate student who can give you the student perspective on McGill and Montreal. Your match is here to connect with you over email and Zoom throughout the summer and into your first year.

If you are looking to connect with other incoming graduate students, be sure to join the Entering Class Facebook Group. Come introduce yourself, join the discussions, and participate in virtual Summer Socials for grad students!



Involvement Opportunities 


McGill has a wealth of opportunities for you to get involved, regardless of your goals or interests:

  • Visit myInvolvement, an online portal that showcases McGill events and workshops, as well as meaningful volunteering and other learning opportunities. myInvolvement also hosts McGill’s Co-Curricular Record (CCR), the document that recognizes your involvement in activities outside the classroom. The CCR can be a great addition to your resume and can help you keep track of your extracurricular activities throughout your time at McGill.
  • Work with the Post-Graduate Students’ Society (PGSS): PGSS represents every graduate student and has many committee and leadership positions where you can have a real impact on the graduate community. If you are interested in developing your leadership, policy-making, and governance skills, all while making connections across the University, check out PGSS’ Getting Involved page.
  • Get involved with your Post-Graduate Student Association (PGSA): PGSAs are departmental-level associations that represent students in a department/program and work to improve their academic, personal, and social experiences at McGill.
  • Check out Engage McGill, your guide to getting engaged in student-led groups and events across both campuses.
  • Hone your leadership skills with SKILLSETS: this program provides you with a wide range of workshops and other skill development opportunities to complement your academic experience. CL&E’s Leading Effective Discussions workshops will help you refine your facilitation, leadership, and communication skills.
  • Discover McGill’s many peer programs at Students Helping Students: whether you are interested in helping your peers, or are looking for peer support yourself, the Students Helping Students program is the place to go to find out more.
  • Explore your employment options with myFuture: McGill’s portal for discovering job opportunities and career education, including campus employment opportunities.



Want to Learn More?


Be sure to sign up for one of CL&E’s Getting Involved webinars:


Getting Involved – July 28 & 31


Join Campus Life & Engagement and PGSS for an introduction to the many benefits and opportunities for getting involved as a graduate student at McGill.


The CL&E to Success



CL&E to Success: Showcasing McGill's Services is a series of short, interview-style videos that introduces you to all the wonderful support and resources available to you as a new student. The title functions as a play on words with the French “clé” for key. We will be releasing videos every day over the next few weeks! Once a video is released, you will have a chance to ask your questions by submitting them using the webforms below and we will answer them through Facebook and Instagram Lives! You can find a complete list of videos here



You can also contact us at any time firstyear@mcgill.ca with your questions about involvement opportunities and graduate life.


Until next week, 


Gilbert Lin

New Student Advisor, Campus Life & Engagement | McGill Student Services







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