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Congratulations on making it through November and welcome back to the second FY-5 of the month! The FY-5 is a semi-monthly e-newsletter for first-year students with fun tips and tricks and memos for you to be aware of during the academic year. This week, you can find out about how to complete course evaluations, ace your finals, and join our Discord Server. Enjoy!




Final Exam Schedule & Accommodation


Please take note of the final exam schedule. Due to the pandemic, final exams will be held remotely. For more information, please visit the December 2020 Exams COVID-19 page. If you are registered with the Office for Students with Disabilities and require final exam accommodation(s), please fill out this form by November 27.


Course Evaluations


Mercury Course Evaluations opened on November 12 on Minerva. By completing your Mercury course evaluations, you can help improve courses and teaching at McGill. For more information on course evaluations and how to provide constructive feedback, visit the course evaluation webpage.


December 1: Submit Your Legal Documents


Don't forget: the deadline to submit your legal documents is Tuesday, December 1. Legal document collection is required in order to update your student legal status and fees. To determine which documents you need to submit and how to do so, click here. To check your status and see if your documents have been received, visit: Student Menu > Student Accounts Menu > View Tuition and Legal Status on Minerva. If you are an international student, please click here for more info.





McGill Career Planning Service (CaPS)


Looking for ways to explore your career options and ways to increase your employability? If you haven’t checked out McGill’s Career Planning Service (CaPS), now’s the perfect time!


CaPS offers career advising to students, whether you want help brushing up your CV or just need a pep talk. Be sure to take a look at their Job Search Toolkit. You can also check out myFuture for job postings. For other questions, email




First-Year CL&E Discord Server


Join the Campus Life & Engagement Discord Server and stay up to date with the latest news, events, and more from CL&E and the Residence Life teams! This is an easy way to stay connected to McGill, meet new people, and discover new opportunities




Accessible Exercises—Lunch & Learn


The second Lunch & Learn session on Nov. 26 at 1 PM from McGill's Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) will focus on accessible exercises. With the increase of tele-work, it is easy to forget about our physical wellbeing. Come and learn about different accessible exercises we could implement within our home environment!


The Art of Exam Taking


This webinar on Nov. 26 will teach you the skills and strategies you need to be able to ace your next exam. It will break down the exam process into three categories: Before an Exam, Day of the Exam, and After an Exam - allowing you to learn the best way to approach an exam so you can get the grades that you deserve.


Quarantine Support Group


If you’ve been instructed to self-isolated for 14 days for any reason, come join our Quarantine Support Group on Nov. 26, a way to come together with fellow McGill students who are going through similar experiences.


Managing Exam Anxiety


Interested in learning how to cope more effectively with the stress and anxiety of exams? Join us on Dec. 1 to acquire the skills to better manage exam anxiety and feel comfortable utilizing these skills when needed. This workshop will focus on recognizing signs of exam anxiety, applying techniques to manage exam anxiety, and identifying steps you can take before, during, and after exams to reduce anxiety.






Academic Resources


We’re nearing finals season, so now is a perfect time to take advantage of the academic resources at your disposal to ensure that your exams go smoothly.


If you need help with a certain course or just want to stay on track studying, check out the Peer Tutoring program over at Tutorial Services. Find a tutor now! Remember, as a first-year student, your first tutoring session is free!


The McGill Writing Centre also offers tutoring services for help with essays and written assignments.


For students who will require accommodations for test-taking and evaluation, be sure to arrange ahead of time with the Office for Students with Disabilities. You must register for accommodations using this form a week prior to the date of assessment.

We hope that you have found this email helpful! You can visit our First-Year website for more detail about the first-year experience and, if you have any questions about student life, contact We either know the answers or know someone who does!


See you soon!


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