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A message from Campus Life & Engagement, the one office dedicated to new McGill students. 


Hey Campus Life & Engage, 


Whether you’re staying in Montreal over the summer, arriving in the fall or coming back to campus in the Winter Semester, Living in Montreal will (or will continue to) offer you a wealth of opportunities – and the chance to have some fun.


While studying at McGill, there are a variety of affordable and convenient housing options available to you. McGill has some downtown On-Campus Housing and Macdonald Campus options, but be advised that space is limited for graduate students and is usually fully booked by mid-July. There are also resources to help you find Off-Campus Apartments/Housing on our website.


If you are interested in learning more about living in Montreal, CL&E is teaming up with Off-Campus Housing to host Housing (Living Off Campus) webinars on June 22nd, 23rd, and July 3rd. Tune in to learn all about renting in Montreal, including information on what makes Montreal unique, the pros and cons of various neighbourhoods, and other tips! Please note: You will have to log in with your McGill username and password to register.



There are also many McGill-specific groups on Facebook that allow you to find housing and other items through the McGill network, as well as connect with other students. Here are some key ones to join to ensure a current and useful news feed.


Please note: Take note that some groups require you to confirm with Facebook that you are a member of the McGill community. Learn more about how to do so here.

Also, don't forget to join the official McGill University Graduate Entering Class 2020-2021 Facebook Group!



Other Upcoming Webinars


Friday June 19: GLO: Introduction to Grad Studies


Everything you need to know about how to smoothly transition into the academic and social environments at McGill, including resources and advice. The GLO webinars are an integral part of the GradLife Online Orientation, so be sure to register for one of the many sessions running throughout the summer!


Thursday June 25: Learning with Zoom 


Interested in learning the basics of Zoom for engaging in your Fall courses? This interactive webinar will let you explore and familiarize yourself with Zoom, a reliable web conferencing tool that allows instructors to convene online meetings with students, chat with or without video enabled, and deliver presentations. We will go over how to use Zoom as a student, practice using some common features, and give you tips and techniques to support your remote learning success.




We hope these resources help you in finding and outfitting your home in Montreal! Stay tuned for more emails from Campus Life & Engagement about important information, and remember to be in touch if you ever have any questions.


Again, congratulations and welcome to McGill (and Montreal, if you are new to the city)!


Gilbert Lin

New Student Advisor, Campus Life & Engagement | McGill Student Services


If you think you’ve missed any of our messages or want to re-read any, check out CL&E’s First-Year Email archive.




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