Dear CEGEP students: An invitation to join us at Frosh

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Congratulations on completing a big milestone in your life! The time has come for you to begin a new chapter at McGill. We’ve been in your shoes, so we know it can be a little overwhelming. There is no shortage of challenges to overcome, but we have good news for you: there is an entire community ready to welcome you with open arms, starting with Frosh!


Frosh takes place a few days before classes start and is made up of events organized by students to help introduce you to student life at McGill and around Montreal. It’s an amazing chance to have fun and meet your peers in a safe and inclusive environment. As former CEGEP students, former Froshies, and current Frosh coordinators, we would like to highlight the ways that you will benefit from this incredible experience. 


A big part of the university experience is expanding your horizons. This is true of any university, but it is especially true of McGill, where students come from all over the world and from a wide range of backgrounds. Being a student at McGill means you will have access to a large number of extra-curricular, academic, and social activities. Finding your place can be a daunting task and it may seem much easier to just attend classes and let that be your entire McGill experience. However, branching out and getting involved beyond the classroom can lead to all kinds of good things, like new skills, friendships, and applicable real-world experience! Participating in Frosh will connect you with your Frosh leaders, who are upper-year students from your faculty that act as great resources and mentors. Frosh leaders are committed to immersing you in the McGill community and helping you form connections with your peers. Having gone through this transition themselves, you can also count on them to give you tips and information that help make it easier to navigate life at McGill.


Many CEGEP students think that Frosh is not for them because they are already acquainted with Montreal and have local friends. One of the main benefits of participating in Frosh is that it will give you an opportunity to make new friends with other members of your incoming class. No one will understand what you are going through like your fellow McGill students will and having a strong support system will be an advantage, especially when exam time rolls around. Given that it can be difficult to make friends in first-year classes (they can be as large as 600 people!), Frosh provides an opportunity to meet people from your faculty in a setting that is specifically designed to foster bonding. Especially since McGill will be virtual in the fall, forming connections with peers who will have the same experience and will face the same challenges as you will help make your experience more enjoyable.


Finally, we want to emphasize that virtual Frosh will be different from how it has been in the past. We assure you that the entire Frosh community is working hard to bring you the same amazing benefits and opportunities as previous Froshes. From former CEGEP students-turned-McGillians to another, we invite you to join us at Frosh 2020—we promise it will be worth your while!




Olivia Mendelson, Vanier College Class of 2017, Arts & Science Frosh Coordinator

Courtney Murdoch, Dawson College Class of 2017, Education Frosh Coordinator

Joella Reev, Marianopolis College Class of 2018, Physical & Occupational Therapy Frosh Coordinator



You can keep up with what your faculty’s Frosh coordinators are up to throughout the summer by following their Facebook and/or Instagram pages below:



McGill University is located on land which has long served as a site of meeting and exchange amongst Indigenous peoples, including the Haudenosaunee and Anishinabeg nations. McGill honours, recognizes and respects these nations as the traditional stewards of the lands and waters on which we meet today.


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