JANUARY 15, 2021

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The PowerSkills Edition



Nourishing the Soul with PowerSkills


Have you been on a steady diet of often-depressing local and international news? Are you following heated political arguments on Facebook like it’s a spectator sport? In your time alone as imposed by COVID health measures, are your own thoughts fueled by uncertainty, doubt and anxiety? It’s time to nourish your soul with PowerSkills 2020 and spend three days ingesting lively, action-oriented, forward-thinking, meaningful workshops, webinars, interviews, panel discussions and conversation cafés. A virtual career summit with a focus on resilience, reinvention and reskilling, PowerSkills is your key to a three-day (mental) health cleanse! Continue reading to learn more.


We’re always available by email at cats@mcgill.ca or, we can get social on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.


We look forward to seeing you at PowerSkills 2021!


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The CATS Team





PowerSkills 2021 And You – A Guide To Help You Maximize Your Experience


From January 21 to 23, 2021, Career Advising and Transition Services (CATS) will host PowerSkills 2021 – the next level free online career summit!


If you’re reading this, you’re likely a student of the School of Continuing Studies, and you’re learning remotely. With COVID security measures active in most parts of the world, your opportunities for in-person networking are limited. After 10 months of living through the challenges of a pandemic, you may be restless, bored, lonely and uninspired. If any of this sounds familiar, then PowerSkills may be just what you need!


While you can certainly be a casual participant, and jump into some sessions that maybe of interest, you can make most of your experience with a little (1) planning, (2) strategic execution and (3) follow-up.

Here is a quick look at some of our speakers, visit the Powerskills website for more details:



Top 10 Reasons to Attend PowerSkills 21

Are you still unconvinced that PowerSkills 2021 is the place to be from January 21 to 23? Maybe these top-10 reasons will strike a chord!


  1. You made it through 2020! Get recharged for 2021!
  2. Attendees from PowerSkills 2020 gave it glowing reviews.
  3. You can (legally) check out the speakers’ living spaces.
  4. Investing in yourself always yields an impressive return on investment.
  5. It’s still a sanctioned activity under Montreal COVID curfew rules.
  6. You've ready already watched everything on Netflix!
  7. If you live in Canada, it’s cold out there, but it’s warm in the comfort of your own home.
  8. You’ll hear inspiring stories of resilience.
  9. You can connect with up to 5000 people from around the globe
  10. #PowerSkillsRocks




KPMG paid summer 2021 internship opportunities! Students will need to apply via their website.




View posting | Send Application to Rh.Canada@transdev.ca






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