June 10, 2021

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Introducing the Career Lab


With the current business landscape swiftly changing, career transitions are the new norm. In fact, research reveals Canadians will change their jobs an average of 15 times during a lifetime. The Generation Y career transitioners change after approximately 2.7 years. While sailing new waters may feel like you’re stuck in a broken compass, Career Advising and Transition Services (CATS) is here as you turn your career confusion into an exciting adventure.


Like any good adventure, the people you meet along the way have the power to positively influence your next decision. At a time when investing in relationships matter more than ever, fostering good quality networks is central to not only succeed, but to thrive! Whether you are new to the workforce, transitioning to a new job or career, or building a business - guidance from peers and others with lived experiences is paramount to your success.


CATS is thrilled to launch the very first of its kind, the Career Lab, a peer-to-peer development network exclusive to McGill School of Continuing (SCS) students and alumni. Beyond growing the circle of people you know, reliable networks are known to lead to profound learning and significant growth in perspective. Designed for current students and alumni seeking to gain specific career-related people skills, the Career Lab particularly promotes highly sought-after power (soft) skills by employers, such as: leadership, effective communication, social media presence, networking, public speaking, and more. Leaders will use their expertise and are provided with training tools and resources (by the CATS team) so that no matter where they are in their job search or career development journey, they can bring these resources to life in the spaces where they are employed.


As quality relationships are essential ingredients for fulfilling work, The Career Lab’s peer-to-peer interactions are designed to boost your growth – and learn, evolve, and cultivate meaningful professional connections.



Virtually yours,

The CATS Team


Why The Career Lab

CATS is particularly seeking to build a network of leaders whose values are aligned to CATS’ mission of empowering a community of dynamic professionals, as well as adopt a community approach to create a vibrant learning and sharing environment that is inclusive and inspired, and offers valuable opportunities for self-reflection, advice, support, informed decision-making and strategic action.


Career Lab Leaders Roles


In the spirit of creating a supportive peer growth community, all Career Lab Leaders are expected to animate the LinkedIn community to manage community conversations and resources. In addition to this activity, all leaders will lead one other initiative of their choice listed below. Please note, all events will take place on the Ten Thousand Coffees platform. Learn more about our Career Lab on our website.



Lead an online learning circle


Facilitate an industry/sector-specific workshop


Present a mini-TED Talk


Elevator pitch resume


Digital content creator


Propose your idea!

Does This Sound Like You?

  • In addition to having specific lived experience to share with other peers, you have what it takes to inspire, and uplift others, especially during these challenging times.
  • You are passionate about sharing their skills, attitudes and behaviors that have helped you to successfully transition in your career - whether that involves their first career job, their career transition, or career growth.
  • You’re looking to grow your leadership skills, while lifting others up, in ways that make sense in the environment they’re in.
  • There's no one size fits all approach, instead, we're looking for leaders who motivate in creative and unique ways.


Interested in joining the network as a peer? Read about the eligibility requirements and complete this application form.

Career Lab Event with Career Lab Leader - Melissa Mezzacappa


How to Position and Transition Your Career in HR

Session: Learning Circle

June 16, 5:00 p.m.






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