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In this November edition of the UBC School of Public Policy and Global Affairs (SPPGA) newsletter, meet two new Postdoctoral Fellows and see how members of our community engaged in the recent COP26 proceedings. Learn more about our 2022 Phil Lind Initiative series on The Future of Media and register for our first event.



Phil Lind Initiative Seminar

Applications to PPGA 591C Phil Lind Initiative Seminar on The Future of Media are now open to UBC graduate students and undergraduates in their fourth year or above from any faculty. The course forms part of the 2022 Phil Lind Initiative series, with visits from some of the world’s leading intellectuals on media. Apply by Nov. 30th, 2021.

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2021 Nehru Humanitarian Graduate Scholarship in Indian Studies

The Centre for India and South Asia Research invites submissions for the 2021 Nehru Humanitarian Graduate Scholarship in Indian Studies by Nov. 29.

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Assistant Professor Position in Climate and Energy Policy

SPPGA invites applications for the President’s Academic Excellence Initiative tenure-track, Assistant Professor position in Climate and Energy Policy to begin on July 1, 2022. Apply by Nov. 25, 2021.
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SPPGA Welcomes New Postdoctoral Research Fellows

We welcome two Postdoctoral Research Fellows: Dr. Zoe Braden is examining Canada’s nuclear waste repository site selection and Dr. Hanna Karg is exploring multi-scalar food distribution networks in West Africa based on primary data on urban food flows using spatial analysis techniques.


Meet Dr. Zoe Braden and Meet Dr. Hanna Karg

MPPGA Spotlight

Apply to the MPPGA

Join our Fall 2022 cohort by applying now to our professional Master of Public Policy and Global Affairs program. We are looking for bright and ambitious applicants who are ready to navigate complex policy problems and drive positive global change.


Register and join us at our upcoming events!

UNTIL DEC 3 | 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
A Tene Mehodihi exhibition: Our Ancestors’ Trail

Drop by the Liu Institute lobby to view the Tene Mehodihi exhibition: Our Ancestors’ Trail, a result of collaboration between Tahltan youth and artists and scientists, educators, cultural practitioners and Elders and Tahltan allies.

NOV 24 | 12:30 PM PT
Book Discussion – Redesign the World: A Global Call to Action

Join an engaging virtual conversation between author Sam Pitroda and UBC professors Sujatha Ramdorai and Ramana on Pitroda’s new book, Redesign the World: A Global Call to Action.

Dec 8 | 9:30 AM PT
MPPGA Info Session: Co-op Program, Professional Development, Career Paths

Tune into our virtual Info Session and alumni panel to learn how an MPPGA degree can enhance your career. The program strongly believes in professional and career development for all of our students and offers many opportunities to enhance your professional skills and networks.

JAN 20 | 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM PT
The Phil Lind Initiative - The Future of Media

The 2022 Phil Lind Initiative series on “The Future of Media" explores the future of media including how to restore trust, navigate the digital age, and, above all, reshape the media landscape to better society.


Join us on campus or via livestream as we host public events featuring leading intellectuals and authors including Ed Yong, Douglas Rushkoff, Soledad O’Brien, and Matt Taibbi.


Registration is now open for Ed Yong's event on January 20, 2022.


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Power Analysis in Health Policy and Systems Research: A Guide to Research Conceptualisation

Research by Prof. Veena Sriram (SPPGA; SPPH) and others illuminate how power shapes health policy and systems and is critical to identifying underlying factors driving health disparities, systems challenges and inequities.
Nov 5


From Flies to File Storage: Policy Issues in the Life-Cycle of Explanatory Journalism

Prof. Heidi Tworek (SPPGA; History) co-authors a report based on multi-disciplinary and multi-lingual research about the production, distribution, and impact of explanatory journalism in Canada.
Nov 4


WTO Must Ban Harmful Fisheries Subsidies

This letter in SCIENCE signed by nearly 300 scientists, including Profs. Rashid Sumaila, Kristen Hopewell, and Philippe Le Billon, urges the WTO to make the commitment to eliminate harmful fisheries subsidies.
Oct 29


Could E-courts Help Fix Facebook’s Inadequate Oversight Board?

Following the confidential papers known as the “Facebook Papers’ being shared, Prof. Heidi Tworek (SPPGA; History) discusses the feasibility of taking some power over content moderation away from platforms.
Oct 29


Chromatic: Ten Meditations on Crisis in Art and Letters
Read this new collection of essays and illustrations from the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies, offering 10 illustrated meditations on crisis from the 2020 Wall Scholars. Prof. Ramana writes on the nuclear crisis in Japan at a time of global upheaval.
Oct 12

In the Media

SPPGA Engages with COP26

Several members of the SPPGA community participated in the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) or commented on its proceedings. Learn more in this ongoing news compilation.
Nov 19


What To Watch for as Biden, Trudeau, López Obrador Tackle Immigration, Supply Chain

With North American leaders, Biden, Trudeau, and López Obrador meeting face-to-face for the first time in four years, Prof. Kristen Hopewell discusses regional friction over issues such as trade and immigration.
Nov 18


Plenty of Fish in the Ocean? Not so Around China, Says Study Warning of Seafood Collapse

Fish stocks in the South China Sea are at risk of collapse if action is not taken in the next 10 years to reduce overfishing and the effects of climate change. Prof. Rashid Sumaila (SPPGA; IOF) states that it is important to enforce sustainable fishing practices so that fisheries can continue to feed and nourish us.
Nov 15


Is Nuclear Power the Way Forward to Combat the Climate Crisis?

SPPGA Director Allison Macfarlane states that there is a need to move away from fossil fuels, and that nuclear power could potentially be the way forward, with major costs attached.
Nov 12


Leaked Facebook Document Shows How Often the Company Restores Posts — And How the Rates Change Depending on Where You Live

With internal Facebook documents being leaked, Prof. Heidi Tworek (SPPGA; History) examines why the appeal rate for post removal varies widely depending on where you live.
Nov 12


Xi Jinping Is in a Good Position to Break Norms and Continue to Lead China

Prof. Timothy Cheek (SPPGA; History) speaks on China's Communist Party passing a historic resolution that will allow leader Xi Jinping to lead for an unprecedented third term.
Nov 11


Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan Struggle with the Curse of Mineral Wealth

Prof. Julian Dierkes comments on the daunting challenges facing Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan’s mining industry. (Subscription)
Nov 6


Going Nuclear on Climate Change

Director Allison Macfarlane discusses the role of nuclear power in achieving net zero carbon emissions in this Foreign Affairs article (Subscription).
Nov 3


Joint Statement by UN human rights experts - Accelerate the end of the coal era to protect human rights

Prof. David Boyd (SPPGA; IRES) makes a statement about the necessity to end the coal era in order to protect a range of human rights.
Nov 2


Nuclear Industry Has High Hopes for Net-Zero Future

Profs. Ramana and Nadja Kunz (SPPGA, Mining Engineering), along with MPPGA alum Sarah Froese were quoted about the future of nuclear power.
Nov 2


Experts Are Trying to Convince WTO to Ban Harmful Fisheries

Prof. Rashid Sumaila (SPPGA; IOF) speaks as the lead author of an open letter written by nearly 300 experts that urges the WTO to ban fisheries subsidies.
Oct 29


The ‘Glaring Gap’ in B.C.’s New Climate Plan

Prof. George Hoberg states that the B.C. government’s new CleanBC plan has sent “an important signal” to the oil and gas industry, despite the lack of clarity around the industry’s emissions reductions.
Oct 2

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