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Nurses Honoured During National Nursing Week


The 2018 Neuroscience Nursing Awards of Excellence Ceremony took place on May 8 as part of National Nursing Week. It was a wonderful showcase of dedication, spirit, determination, strength, compassion and innovation, and an opportunity to pause and celebrate nurses and others who have gone above and beyond.


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May is Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Awareness Month


Did you know... Canada has one of the world's highest rates of MS? Children as young as two can develop MS? Women are twice as likely as men to contract MS? The cause of MS is unknown?


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The Neuro Signs Agreement with Chinese and Cuban Institutes


On April 20, 2018, Canadian, Chinese and Cuban neuroscience institutes strengthened an existing partnership with the signing of a memorandum of understanding in Chengdu, China. The partners - including The Neuro - agreed to share resources and establish a steering committee. "This agreement will allow each partner institution to bring its strengths for the benefit of the whole," says Dr. Guy Rouleau, Director of The Neuro.


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Early HIV Treatment Key to Avoiding Brain Atrophy


Results from collaborative research from The Neuro, the University of Washington St. Louis, and Yale University, reinforce the need for early detection and treatment of HIV. HIV-infection can lead to memory loss, dementia later in life, and balance and vision problems as well as other neurological symptoms. Early screening and antiretroviral therapy can stop these symptoms before they occur, or halt their progression.

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Neuro Noteworthy



Training Room Named in Honour of Hanna Pappius


On April 11, 2018, a training room in the Centre for Neurological Disease Models was dedicated to Dr. Hanna Pappius as a testament to her leadership and ongoing efforts to make the MNI animal ethics and animal care program a model respected around the globe. Dr. Pappius is a graduate of McGill who made significant contributions to neurochemistry research at The Neuro for over half a century.




Seminar Room Named in Honour of the Late George Karpati


On March 20, 2018, a seminar room was dedicated to the late George Karpati, one of Canada’s most distinguished neurologists who built and directed an internationally recognized research group at The Neuro. Dr. Karpati was known for his exemplary leadership and mentorship. His wife of 42 years, Shira, was among the guests at the celebration.





New in the Neuro XXceptional Video Series – Jessica Dumoulin


The newest video in the Neuro XXceptional series features Jessica Dumoulin, who is an Assistant Nurse Manager in The Neuro’s ICU. Jessica's colleagues describe her as “…often the calming, rational force in the storms we face daily in the ICU…”  Neuro XXceptional is a year-long video series that celebrates exceptional women at The Neuro. Watch Jessica’s video.




Community Engagement



Scotiabank Charity Challenge


The Neuro was well-represented at this year’s annual Scotiabank charity challenge held in April, with four teams and a total of 67 participants aged 2 to 68!


Congratulations to all of our runners, and thanks to everyone who participated! Thanks to you, we surpassed our $25K goal, and raised $31,429 for research and patient care at The Neuro. We look forward to seeing you at the event next year!




Racing for Brain Cancer


Nicolas Bertrand’s wife, Laurie, was diagnosed with glioblastoma – an aggressive form of brain cancer – five years ago. His wife’s determination to survive sparked Nicolas to participate in the IronMan race on Mont-Tremblant on August 19, 2018. It’s a personal challenge with a community-minded vision: raising money for brain cancer researcj at The Neuro. 


Learn more (in French), visit Nicolas’ Facebook page, or support him!




The Associazione Siculiana Raises $15,000 for Brain Cancer Research


Bravo and congratulations to the the Associazione Siculiana, who raised $15,000 for brain cancer research at The Neuro through their first annual gala fundraising dinner that was held on May 5, at Le Chateau Classique!




I Medici di McGill


On Sunday, April 8, I Medici di McGill ("Physicians of McGill") held a concert for awareness about movement disorders, including Parkinson's, at St. Andrew and St. Paul Church. Attendees were treated to the musical sounds of Mozart and Schubert as well as an informative TED Talk by The Neuro’s Edward Fon.


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Save the Date for Something Brilliant


Mark Wednesday, October 17, 2018, on your calendars! A Brilliant Night will once again shine bright with what is guaranteed to be an unforgettable evening that will raise much-needed funds for brain cancer research at The Neuro. All of the brilliant details will be revealed in the next few months. Check our website







Brenda Milner Receives the Medal of Honour of the National Assembly


On May 8, 2018, Dr. Brenda Milner received the prestigious Medal of Honour of the National Assembly at the Québec Parliament, in recognition of her outstanding career.






Andrew Kaplan wins Brain Star of the Year Award


Andrew Kaplan won the 2018 Brain Star of the Year Award for his Small-molecule modulation of 14-3-3 proteins for axon regeneration publication. His discovery made headlines last year. As a Brain Star recipient, Andrew presented at the Canadian Association for Neurosciences 12th Annual Canadian Neuroscience Meeting.




Stuart Trenholm Named a Canada Research Chair


Stuart Trenholm is now a Canada Research Chair (CRC) in Neuronal Circuits of Vision (CIHR). Under the CRC Program, universities have the opportunity to nominate outstanding researchers for professorships in areas that will further inform McGill’s renewed strategic research plan.


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Neuro Volunteer Danielle Lepage Receives the Sovereigns Medal for Volunteers


Danielle Lepage, a long time volunteer and community fundraiser on behalf of The Neuro, was recognized for her volunteer efforts in support of the pastoral care programs at Joliette maximum security prison and her work to raise awareness and funds (more than $150,000 in the past five years) for research into Autosomal Recessive Spastic Ataxia (ARSACS).


Discover Danielle’s journey and fundraising efforts (in French).


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