October 2019

Representing West Vancouver at UBCM 

Last week, together with all members of your Council, I attended several meetings and workshops at the annual convention for the Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM) in Vancouver. We met with the following:


  • the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, to talk about our traffic priorities on the North Shore, including congestion and safety improvements to the Upper Levels Highway and public transit connections to Squamish and Whistler;
  • the Public Safety Minister, to discuss installing more photo radar cameras in West Vancouver and allowing North Shore Rescue to conduct helicopter searches using night vision goggles;
  • the Ministry of Environment, to ask for support with respect to the impacts of climate change and banning single-use plastics;
  • the Attorney General, to discuss Brissenden Park;
  • the Ministry of Forests, to talk about wildfire protection for our community;
  • the Minister of Education, joined by Carolyn Broady, Chair of the School Board, to seek funding for a new West Vancouver Secondary School track and sports field, as well as funding for the Memorial Library;
  • the Minister of Tourism, regarding our Arts & Culture Strategy and support for a new arts centre;
  • the Finance Minister, to discuss the ability of West Vancouver to share in revenue from the Speculation & Vacancy Tax, and/or impose its own vacancy tax; and
  • MLA Adam Olsen of the Green Party to discuss all of the above.

These conversations are an important part of the work Council does to represent our community, and I’m optimistic that our continued advocacy will result in more support from the province.


Changes to the Council meeting schedule


If you’ve attended a Council meeting this year, you’ve probably noticed that many of our meetings have gone beyond our proposed adjournment time of 10 p.m. It’s important that everyone has an opportunity to provide input and we acknowledge that many are unable to stay that late. On a trial basis, the October regular Council meetings will begin at 5 p.m. instead of 6 p.m. and we will hold public hearings on a separate night.


We have moved the Council meeting originally scheduled for October 21 to October 28 to accommodate the federal election.
Further, on October 28, Council will consider revisions to the Council Procedure Bylaw to improve the overall flow of meetings. 



October 7 Council Meeting
October 8 Public Hearing
October 28 Council Meeting

Pink Palace and Shoreland apartment buildings

Some residents may have heard that the owners of these buildings want to redevelop. No formal application has been made yet, but I want to assure you that Council will be looking carefully at how the proposal fits into our community. That includes factors such as the effect on existing renters, the District’s policy objectives, heritage considerations and the impacts on the neighbourhood and community overall. I will update you as more information is received.


Tantalus Gardens Public Hearing on October 8

Over the past year Council has received letters from many residents, both in support of the project and voicing concerns with respect to anticipated impacts. On September 9, Council gave the proposal first reading, which means it will progress to a public hearing. At the public hearing, which will take place on October 8 at 7 p.m. at Municipal Hall, everyone will have an opportunity to provide feedback to Council on the Tantalus Gardens proposal, either in writing or in person. Prior to that, on October 2, the applicant will hold a community information meeting at 7 p.m. at the Gleneagles Clubhouse. Visit the webpage for more information.


Would you like to discuss something over a cup of coffee?


On the last Wednesday of each month, I will be hosting a coffee get-together in one of our District facilities. I invite you to join me in a casual setting, ask me questions or let me know what’s on your mind. My first Coffee with the Mayor takes place on October 30 from 9:30 to 11 a.m. in the Lalji Family Atrium at the West Vancouver Community Centre. I’d love to see you there! Visit the webpage for more dates.



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Warm regards,

Mayor Mary-Ann Booth


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