November 2019


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Some residents may have heard about the British Pacific Properties’ (BPP) Rodgers Creek development, a complex project with an interesting history. 


A plebiscite was held in 1931 and West Vancouverites voted 1,329 to 26 to sell the “upper lands” to BPP to save the municipality from bankruptcy. That same year, BPP acquired the First Narrows Bridge Company and completed the bridge in 20 months at a cost of $6 million. After World War II, the neighbourhoods of Rockridge, Westhill, Cypress Ridge, Camelot, Canterbury, Whitby Estates and Taylor’s Lookout were built. 


In 2006, a working group was established that placed more control of development of the area in the hands of the community. It recommended moving away from the traditional single-family housing model, and in 2008 Rodgers Creek was zoned for housing that included 493 units in eight high-rise apartment buildings, townhomes and a few single-family homes. An agreement was put in place to ensure that a minimum of 55% of the land would be protected as greenspace, and to secure cash and on-site amenities for the District. 


In 2018, the agreement expired and Council is considering a new agreement which would include even smaller units, new rental units and better transportation connectivity. 


I’d like to explain the latest proposal and the benefits for West Vancouver residents and our environment.

Proposal details

  • Two additional purpose-built rental towers: 

  • A 12-storey apartment building with up to 125 rental units, owned by BPP

  • A 12-storey apartment building with up to 150 rental units, owned by the District

  • 200 additional for-sale apartment and townhouse units, accomplished by reducing unit sizes, with no increase in density/square footage 

  • Taller, slimmer apartment buildings on smaller footprints. This would increase the number of storeys from 12 to 16 in three buildings and from 12 to 14 storeys in one building, with no increase in density/square footage

  • Change four single-family homes of about 8,000 square feet to 10 single-family homes of about 2,500 square feet, with no increase in density/square footage

  • Extend Uplands Way to connect back to Cypress Bowl Road, expanding transportation options in the neighbourhood and allowing for future transit service to Cypress Village.

This proposal directly supports Council’s stated goals of significantly expanding the diversity, affordability and supply of housing; protecting our natural environment and reducing our impact on it; and improving mobility and reducing congestion.

If the upcoming rezoning application is approved, it will continue to secure the outstanding cash and on-site amenities and protect 55% of the land as greenspace.

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Thank you for your interest in this important initiative.

Warm Regards,

Mayor Mary-Ann Booth


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