September 2019


Hello everyone,

Welcome back! I hope you had a wonderful summer. In August I took time to reflect on the first 10 months of this term, and while there certainly have been ups and downs, I have very much appreciated your feedback, engagement and dialogue.

A frequent request I hear from residents is for me to provide more regular messaging to the community. For this purpose, I welcome you to my new monthly e-newsletter, a direct source of factual information on what’s happening in West Vancouver.


Ambleside Waterfront Plan Update

I’m excited to see detailed designs for the Ambleside waterfront presented to Council at our first meeting in September. Council endorsed the Ambleside Waterfront Concept Plan in 2015, and now it’s time to learn about options for improved landscaping, pathways and lighting, public art opportunities and community gathering spaces. I hope you’ll join us on September 9 for this much-anticipated presentation.

Consideration of Tantalus Gardens Proposal


In late May, Council discussed an application to develop 14 single-family and duplex housing units on the former site of St. Monica's Church, located above Horseshoe Bay. As the Local Area Plan for Horseshoe Bay was just getting underway at the time, Council deferred consideration of this proposal until the Visioning Process for Horseshoe Bay was complete. At our September 9 meeting, we will once again consider the Tantalus Gardens proposal. As is the case with many development applications, there is diverse opinion with regard to this proposal. Some decry the loss of public amenity space, while others support this opportunity to provide more diverse housing options. Ultimately, Council must seek to make a decision which best serves both the local community and the entire municipality.

Update on Horseshoe Bay Streetscape and Park

Did you know that on July 22, Council approved the plans to revitalize Horseshoe Bay Park and allocated $13 million from Community Amenity Contributions to fund the work on the park and on the adjacent streetscape? I’d like to extend my appreciation and thanks to all the community members who worked with staff and the consultant to develop a beautiful design for the park. Find out more about his project here.

West Vancouver Place for Sport

Our community has only one public running track and it has deteriorated to the point that we are probably going to lose it. A plan for a new sports facility, called West Vancouver Place for Sport, needs private funding support if it is to become a reality. Council has already allocated funding to this project but it needs your support as well. I encourage you to visit and help out if you can.


September is going to be a busy month! Visit our web calendar for details. If there are topics you would like to discuss or learn more about, or to make a suggestion for the newsletter, please contact me at 604-925-7001 or


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