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Three Fun, COVID-safe Physical Literacy Activities for Your Students

Looking for COVID-safe activities to keep your students moving, as we get back into the swing of the school year and the guidelines in your region? Try these three, fun PLAYBuilder games today!


Student playing on the monkey bars.

Three Ways to Develop Physical Literacy on the Playground

Get creative with your school's playground equipment, encourage physical activity, and develop your students' physical literacy with this simple tips.

In-person and Open Registration Workshops Now Available!

Visit our website today to learn more about our in-person workshop opportunities, and schedule one of the following for your school or district:

  • Getting Started with Physical Literacy
  • An Indigenous Approach to Physical Literacy
  • Making Physical Literacy Work for Your Class
  • Physical Activity and Physical Literacy for All (Diverse Abilities)
  • Physical Activity and Physical Literacy for All (Equity, Diversity, Inclusion) *NEW*
  • Physical Literacy Assessment
  • Teaching Games for Understanding *NEW*

Open registration workshops are also available throughout the fall, which you can register for individually!

An Active Role Model: Simple Ways You Can Support Students' Physical Activity and Physical Literacy Development

Educators have a critical role in helping students learn fundamental movement skills to develop physical competence, build confidence in executing these skills, and increase motivation to participate in and try new physical activities. Discover three things you can do, beyond the gymnasium, to encourage your students' development.

Upcoming Webinar: PLAYBuilder Basics

PLAYBuilder is a free tool and digital learning resource that provides educators with 700+ games and 100+ lesson plans for Grades K- 7. In this webinar, learn how to register for and access PLAYBuilder, and save and organize games, activities and lesson plans in your account!

Feature eLearning

What exactly is physical literacy and what does it mean in the context of the B.C. Physical and Health Education Curriculum? Find out in this free eLearning course!

The School Physical Activity and Physical Literacy project is a prototype and all participants have the opportunity to provide feedback.

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