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PLAYBuilder: Indoor Activities to Get Your Students Moving

Students can get restless inside all day.


What are some ways to release your students’ energy indoors, while also developing physical literacy?


Here are some great examples of indoor games, like Beanbag Balance and Follow the Lines, found on PLAYBuilder!

Five Reasons to Encourage Different Types of Activities in Your Classroom

We know movement is essential at a young age, but why? Lots of reasons!


In this blog you will learn different reasons why it's important for children to participate in different types of physical activities, especially in your classroom!

Tell us about your School Physical Activity & Physical Literacy experience! We really want to know!

The School Physical Activity and Physical Literacy Project is a prototype that we are testing to find out how well it works to improve educators’ ability to teach physical literacy and create physical activity opportunities. Without educators’ participation in the evaluation, we won’t know what the impact of the project has been, and we won’t be able to say whether it should continue.


We are running focus groups for educators who have participated in any aspect of the School Physical Activity & Physical Literacy project. From workshops to e-learning to online tools to In-School Support, we have a focus group for you! Focus group participants receive a $50 Amazon gift card for their time.

Please get in touch at spaplevaluation@sportforlife.ca to sign up for a focus group and put “focus group” in the subject line, or to ask any questions about the evaluation.

You can also sign up by clicking the button below!


Indigenous Resources Webinar

Interested in more resources and professional development opportunities to increase educators’ knowledge on Indigenous perspectives of health and wellness, and support Indigenous students in a culturally safe way?


Sign up for the free "Introduction to Indigenous Resources" webinar presented by the Indigenous Sport, Physical Activity & Recreation Council (I.SPARC) on February 25th, from 11-12 PT! The webinar will help you navigate and find great resources to support you and your students knowledge on Indigenous ways of knowing!

February's Featured Resource

Amazing Race: Outdoor Physical Literacy Activity!

Start your PHE class with this fun game to encourage physical activity across your schoolyard and playground!

The School Physical Activity and Physical Literacy project is a prototype and all participants have the opportunity to provide feedback.

Learn more about the School Physical Activity and Physical Literacy project at www.schoolpapl.ca


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