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PLAYBuilder Activities: COVID-Safe Physical Literacy Activities for Colder Days

Winter is here in B.C., and finding ways to keep students active and engaged, without always braving the winter weather, can be challenging particularly with COVID considerations.


Here are some indoor, COVID-safe activities accessible on PLAYBuilder. PLAYBuilder is an online tool the provides access to over 700 game and 100 lesson plans for B.C. educators!


Five Movement Breaks to Incorporate in Your School Day



Olympic Celebrations: Physical Activity to Promote Diversity in Your Classroom

For educators, short movement breaks throughout the day can help develop students' physical literacy, improve focus, and increase learning. But it can be a challenge to find a variety of activities that your students will enjoy.


Here, we share five easy and fun movement breaks you can do with your students to give them a reset during the school day and encourage their physical literacy development!

Sport and physical activity can bring students of all cultures together. There are many ways to support diversity and inclusion of all of your students within physical activity. With the Beijing 2022 Winter Games coming up, here are a few Olympic-themed suggestions...

January Featured Resource

Getting Warmed Up

Start your PHE class with these activities that develop physical literacy skills! This poster provides clear instructions on many warm-ups spanning all elementary school ages.

The School Physical Activity and Physical Literacy project is a prototype and all participants have the opportunity to provide feedback.

Learn more about the School Physical Activity and Physical Literacy project at www.schoolpapl.ca


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