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A recent analysis of our EFAP experience revealed that approximately 15% of usage and presenting issues are stress related.


What is stress?


Stress is a natural reaction to any change where an adjustment or response is required. The body reacts through physical, mental or emotional responses. Stress may result when life or work related demands exceed the perceived internal and external resources required to satisfy the need. Stress may also occur when events or demands in our lives stretch us to new levels of functioning.

Stress is not always bad. Stress is an important reaction that protects us from danger. When experiencing stress, our bodies release hormones, adrenaline and cortisol increasing our blood pressure and heart rate providing the energy needed to fight or flee from crisis scenarios.

Without adequate stress in our lives, we are likely to feel less motivated, and are often unenthused. We may lack the necessary reasoning to pursue personal goals and may find difficulty enjoying simple pleasures and the enthusiasm to start living life to its fullest. In contrast, having too much stress will manifest in physical, mental, and emotional ailments with feelings of anxiousness and pressure.



How does stress solutions work?


When calling our service centre, members will complete an intake questionnaire. The questionnaire is a screening tool containing risk and general questions to determine the appropriate path of care based on the severity of presenting issues.

Using the results, a plan is devised by the coach and shared with the member during the first session. The coach will address the nature of the concerns raised with an orientation directing the member to the most appropriate and best suited service to support the presenting issue(s) or concern(s). The options include continuing with Stress Solutions for low risk or mild cases of stress, or directing the member to counselling and other specialized programs for moderate to severe cases including private or available services within the community.



What should the member expect?


When the Intake Coordinator creates a Stress Solutions case, it will be assigned to a Life Smart coach who will establish contact and provides the following:

  • Life Smart Format (one to three telephonic sessions)
  • Coaching Services (provided by a registered counselor or clinician with specialized expertise in stress)
  • Letter of Resources (document containing information specific to the source or primary stress indication)
  • Welcome Document (document providing an overview of stress issues and stress management techniques)
  • E-Course – Taking Control of Stress (member is directed to and asked to take the course)

Sessions include, but are not limited to, discussions surrounding. psychoeducation, information about the cognitive aspects of stress, and connections between thoughts and feelings. Additionally, sessions will encompass coaching on stress management, lifestyle, priority management and tools such as meditation and relaxation techniques as well as programs and articles found on

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